Druag Nator

Druag Nator: Actions
Thieves, Thorros and Snow...Oh My!

Just when Selaura and Daen thought they found help with their quest from a merchant and his guards, the tables turned and the merchant was thief with 4 “thievlings.” In the battle Daen was stabbed and was bad off, while Selaura dispatched the other thieves. Placing the mortally wounded in the thieves wagon, Selaura raced for Elkwood. But then she came to a point where the melting winter had washed out the road by creating a massive river right through the plains. This cutting her off from Elkwood forest and the town itself.

Not sure what to do Seluara turned the Wagon north to see if the river had tapered off for crossing but sadly no. Then to make matter worse, she was attacked by a thorros, slashing her up and almost taking her foot off.

Badly wounded, Selaura got back to the wagon. But between the wounds from the orcs, the thieves and now the thorros, too much blood was lost and she passed out as a winter storm suddenly moved in and started to blanket her, Daen and the wagon.

Druag Nator: Life's Worth
Soul Dealing

Selaura and Daen had plans to carry the Body of Jace to Elkwood in hopes of a kind hearted cleric would raise his body. But Rimnek Laehcam, the Wizard that cursed the three appeared and offered to raise Jace, on the condition he gets to keep him. Despite his better judgement, Daen allowed Rimnek to have hold on to Jace and raise him, while he and Selaura travel on to Elkwood. And now there is silence between the two as Daen still blames Selaura for everything that has befallen he and his “brother” since their first fated meeting.

Druag Nator: Orc Issues
A Bloody Mess

Selaura, Jace and Daen are having troubles right as they start to leave on their quest. to start with the boys are riding axebeaks, the traditional forest mount. This is complicated with the fact that they have not slept for over 24hours due to past events. Dawn is also fast approaching and time for all good moon elves to got to bed (being nocturnal.) And the runes on their hands and arms are burning them because they are frustrated.

The three travel beyond the borderlands of the village and more and then make camp in a clearing in the forest. Daen takes first watch. Good ’ol Daen. He can always be trusted….in falling asleep. Suddenly the party is awakened to the sound of orcs taking their axebeaks.


Daen is rendered out pretty much right away. Jace and Selaura did all they could to stop the thieves. Suddenly Falnir, Selaura’s pet wolf charges in to help (following the group from the village) 6 orcs vs 2 people is hardly fair. Jace is the next to go down. Feeling secure, the orrs with axebeaks take off into the woods. Selaura tries to chase them down but she is too week. Running back Daen awakens but Jace does not. Daen checks on his “brother” to find him dead………


Druag Nator: Beheaded
Executions and Curses

The Moon Elf high council and the queen found Dean and Jace Winternyt guilty of not only trespassing and slaying of the royal boar, but contempt in court and demanded their executions. Selaura felt this was wrong and tried to do what she could to save them. However the queen took the boys behind her back to the temple of Tyr to be executed. Selaura ran to stop it and got there just in the nick of time.

But just then the whole party was interrupted when a mage charged in demanding his payment for an agreement made by the queen years before. That of Selaura’s hand. Things went sour fast and Daen and Jace attacked the wizard to save the queen (go figure that as she was the one ready to kill them) The Wizard wounded he cast a curse on Seluara, Jace and Daen, a rune branded on their flesh that is effected by their emotions. With that he disappeared.

Selaura, Daen and Jace now agree that they need to find a mage or priestess to find what the mark is exactly and how to have it removed. So they have packed off to the temple oracle to Ayelaina east in Elkwood township. the problem being that Jace and Daen have had nasty encounters in Elkwood and are scared of showing their faces again. So they are now dresses as Moon Elf guards.

With a kiss on the check from the queen and a blessing from the tribal priestess the threesome are off.

Druag Nator: Hunters
Convicted and Condemned

The Moon Elf Village of Elder Wood has prepared for the great Mid-Winter holiday, in which a sacred boar was released for 7 maidens to hunt down. For Princess Selaura this was a most important hunt, as it would release her from some of her royal duties and perhaps find a man that would love her, for who she was. The problem is that the entire hunt was snafued when a strange weapon took down the boar.

It was discovered that the slayer of the beast was a wandering wood elf Daen and his “supposed brother” Jace. The two were captured and brought to immediate sentencing by the high court. Normally such a crime would have a sentencing of no higher that utter banishment by the tribe. However Daen’s head strong attitude and quick lip buried him deeper in trouble. To make matters worse the Queen, who rarely reveals herself these days, came to see what the hearing was about. When asked about the strange exotic weapon that slew the boar, Daen’s brother Jace refused to speak about it.

Infuriated by such contempt in her court, Queen Lanys condemned Daen and Jace to execution. However Selaura feels there is something to these two strangers stories that is drawing her. She is not sure what but suddenly she feels compelled to stop the execution. What and why, she has no idea.

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