Druag Nator

Druag Nator: Hunters

Convicted and Condemned

The Moon Elf Village of Elder Wood has prepared for the great Mid-Winter holiday, in which a sacred boar was released for 7 maidens to hunt down. For Princess Selaura this was a most important hunt, as it would release her from some of her royal duties and perhaps find a man that would love her, for who she was. The problem is that the entire hunt was snafued when a strange weapon took down the boar.

It was discovered that the slayer of the beast was a wandering wood elf Daen and his “supposed brother” Jace. The two were captured and brought to immediate sentencing by the high court. Normally such a crime would have a sentencing of no higher that utter banishment by the tribe. However Daen’s head strong attitude and quick lip buried him deeper in trouble. To make matters worse the Queen, who rarely reveals herself these days, came to see what the hearing was about. When asked about the strange exotic weapon that slew the boar, Daen’s brother Jace refused to speak about it.

Infuriated by such contempt in her court, Queen Lanys condemned Daen and Jace to execution. However Selaura feels there is something to these two strangers stories that is drawing her. She is not sure what but suddenly she feels compelled to stop the execution. What and why, she has no idea.



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