Druag Nator

Druag Nator: Beheaded

Executions and Curses

The Moon Elf high council and the queen found Dean and Jace Winternyt guilty of not only trespassing and slaying of the royal boar, but contempt in court and demanded their executions. Selaura felt this was wrong and tried to do what she could to save them. However the queen took the boys behind her back to the temple of Tyr to be executed. Selaura ran to stop it and got there just in the nick of time.

But just then the whole party was interrupted when a mage charged in demanding his payment for an agreement made by the queen years before. That of Selaura’s hand. Things went sour fast and Daen and Jace attacked the wizard to save the queen (go figure that as she was the one ready to kill them) The Wizard wounded he cast a curse on Seluara, Jace and Daen, a rune branded on their flesh that is effected by their emotions. With that he disappeared.

Selaura, Daen and Jace now agree that they need to find a mage or priestess to find what the mark is exactly and how to have it removed. So they have packed off to the temple oracle to Ayelaina east in Elkwood township. the problem being that Jace and Daen have had nasty encounters in Elkwood and are scared of showing their faces again. So they are now dresses as Moon Elf guards.

With a kiss on the check from the queen and a blessing from the tribal priestess the threesome are off.



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