The world of Druag Nator; A world of magic, mystism, witches and warrior, monsters and mayhem. A world where dragons and fae folk and abandoned after the Great War, and yet left their mark on the world. A world where the gods of the various races have bonded together to create a grand pantheon. A world where Magic is more than a world but a grand wisdom taught in private schools. A world where people who have powers of the mind are hunted and slain. A world of mystical beasts and horrid monsters roam. A world where individuals are born into, not expecting to be anything more than farmers and craftsmen but soon find themselves the saviors of villages and kingdoms. A world where a merchant can becomes a mercenary, a weaver can become a war mage and a salt miner can become a great sage. Druag Nator is a world where gods do not just sit in the clouds but live in the world as well. And while divine law forbids them from getting involved in mortal lives, there is direct divine intervention. Weapons and armor is crude and some well known weapons we know in our world are yet to be invented in Druag Nator. And not all grand epic characters are warriors and famed wizards.

Druag Nator

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