Moon Elf Amazon Psionist


As a moon Elf, Selaura bares the typical markings of her race: Copper tan skin, black hair and purple hue eyes. She is very athletic, with a thin build. Light bone structure give her an advantage to taking to the tree tops.

As a daughter to the queen of the amazon tribe, Selaura wears rather exotic clothing in exotic hues of purple, as well as black and silver. Her totem is a wolf which is inlaid in your costume.

He weapon of choice is the bow and elven sword but she is also proficient in the use of a staff. Her Armor is a combination of chainmail and leather.


Selaura was dropped upon the doorstep of Ayelainas most favored High Priestess on the morning of Ancestral Eve and adopted into the royal household of Lanys, queen of the Amber Azure Forest Tribe. No one knows of Selauras true parents but the High Priestess refused to divulge any information as was he right as High Priestess. As the years progressed during one nite the King Tyrand disappeared into the light of day never to return, a mysterious parting of ways, and the queens heart grew cold.

As Selaura grew and trained she showed signs of quick learning and adaptiveness in the ways of the Warrioress and loved her home and her people with all her soul, striving ever to protect them at all costs, however her elder sister Nienna had different ambitions and the two grew apart while the Queen of the tribe became recluse and a drunkard, leaving much duties up to the Council and the daughters. Through the years and the seasons Selaura grew to love her patrols, the silence, the moments of slipping away from chaos and crowds of people to gain wisdom and silence within the nights air, meditating and praying when she felt moved. However as she grew closer to womanhood many small odd occurrences took place, some she did not recall, some that left her and those who witnessed them bewildered, but like all things that came and went those moments became distant memories and life marched on as it always does. Most full moon nights Selaura can be found at a specific spot near a lake on tribal land gazing at the moons reflection in the water.


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