Queen Lanys

Moon Elf Amazon Queen


Queen Lanys is Moon Elven and as such has moon elven features: Copperish brown skin, black hair with a silver streak in it, dark eyes and a healthy build about her. Years have aged Lanys some, her hair is more white and wrinkles are cracking her skin.

Lanys’ totem is a Wooly Rhino and above her garment she wears a cloak of the hide of the first rhino she slew, a symbol and strength.


Lanys is the queen of the Elder Wood Tribe. At first she was a most powerful and beloved lady, respected by most. She eventually married the son of a high council member, Tyrand. But when her beloved disappeared into the light of day the queens heart grew cold. Now she spends most of her time in her chambers and eating alone. Her two daughters and the high council now take over where courts are in need. Now and then she will appear and tend to matters that concern herself and daughters directly.

Queen Lanys

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