Human Water Mage


Lorne is a human mage of 18 years of age.
Hair is light brown, streaked with blue
His eyes are sky blue
Lorne wears the traditional mage school jacket of blue and golden brown and a blue robe over it
His weapons of preference is a staff and dagger.


Lorne left home to become a water mage but with no money no school would take him in. Finally Lorne came across a River Gnome mage named Burk Raenwood, who trained him as Lorne was wishing. The training went possible too well and because of Lorne’s constant request to learn, Burk taught Lorne the river gnome gift to change form into an Otter. Thought not as a natural talent as river gnomes but through magic. Lone started to accept Burk as his own father. Sadly everything went wrong when their riverside hole was invaded by trolls and in the process Burk was killed.

Feeling lost Lorne buried his teacher/father with all respects of the Gnome folk and then went off into the world alone, hoping his unfinished training would keep him safe.


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