Jace Winternyt

Bowynn Ranger


Jace is a brown eye and hair Bowynn. Standing and average height of 5’11 his body sculpt is well maintained, with all the running and hunting he does. His appearance is that of a young bowynn ranger, clad in green, brown and grey clothes and topped with a leather cuirass and bracers. His weapon of choice is a bow but has and dagger and short sword for close combat.


Jace is the son of a family he never knew. As a young boy, he never new his mother and lost his father to a hunting accident with a team of hunters. Jace and his best friend Daen, were adopted by their fathers best friend and hunting mate, Kogan Winternyt, feeling sorry for the little boys. This made Jace and Daen brothers and they have considered each other as such ever since. The boys were so young at the time, they do not remember much and thus, Kogan was always known by the boys as “father.”

One day Kogan went out for a hunt and never returned, was assumed killed and thus the boys were abandoned again. But this time they were much older and educated in the world of hunting and survival. They left the safety of the home they knew and headed off, hiring themselves out as hunters and trackers. Knowing no other last name other than Winternyt, that is the name Jace and Daen use.

Between the two Winternyt brothers, Jace is the more educated, logical and learned. He taught himself to read in depth several base languages. He is also educated in myth and lore. Between the two Jace is often judged to be more sensitive and caring to those about him.

Jace’s name in Daen’s eyes and wood elf culture is not pronounced the same way as in Bowynn. Thus Daen often will call Jace “JC.”

Jace Winternyt

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