Druag Nator

Druag Nator: Orc Issues

A Bloody Mess

Selaura, Jace and Daen are having troubles right as they start to leave on their quest. to start with the boys are riding axebeaks, the traditional forest mount. This is complicated with the fact that they have not slept for over 24hours due to past events. Dawn is also fast approaching and time for all good moon elves to got to bed (being nocturnal.) And the runes on their hands and arms are burning them because they are frustrated.

The three travel beyond the borderlands of the village and more and then make camp in a clearing in the forest. Daen takes first watch. Good ’ol Daen. He can always be trusted….in falling asleep. Suddenly the party is awakened to the sound of orcs taking their axebeaks.


Daen is rendered out pretty much right away. Jace and Selaura did all they could to stop the thieves. Suddenly Falnir, Selaura’s pet wolf charges in to help (following the group from the village) 6 orcs vs 2 people is hardly fair. Jace is the next to go down. Feeling secure, the orrs with axebeaks take off into the woods. Selaura tries to chase them down but she is too week. Running back Daen awakens but Jace does not. Daen checks on his “brother” to find him dead………




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