Druag Nator

Druag Nator: Actions

Thieves, Thorros and Snow...Oh My!

Just when Selaura and Daen thought they found help with their quest from a merchant and his guards, the tables turned and the merchant was thief with 4 “thievlings.” In the battle Daen was stabbed and was bad off, while Selaura dispatched the other thieves. Placing the mortally wounded in the thieves wagon, Selaura raced for Elkwood. But then she came to a point where the melting winter had washed out the road by creating a massive river right through the plains. This cutting her off from Elkwood forest and the town itself.

Not sure what to do Seluara turned the Wagon north to see if the river had tapered off for crossing but sadly no. Then to make matter worse, she was attacked by a thorros, slashing her up and almost taking her foot off.

Badly wounded, Selaura got back to the wagon. But between the wounds from the orcs, the thieves and now the thorros, too much blood was lost and she passed out as a winter storm suddenly moved in and started to blanket her, Daen and the wagon.



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